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Great when encapsulated in a clear nail with Acrylic or gel.


Netting that could be used to encapsulate with acrylic or gel. Pink or Green available.

5pcs Empty Containers for glitter/nail art 10g

Container may be filled with 10g glittier, may also be used to nail art, gems, and more! Contents are not included. 5pcs
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Black and White Marble Nail Decals

$4.75 $2.75
Simplify marble, create in seconds with these stickers. Half black and half white marble.
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Bling & Charm 5 Level Organizer

More than 100 spots in this sophisticated, luxury bling organizer.
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Bling Organizer

Who doesn't love organization at it's finest. 20 spots available in this case. Each slot can individually open and close so when you're busy working you don't have to worry about all the bling in the world falling on the ground.   (Accessories in photo not included) Comes with Case only.
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Canvas Nail Products Gel for Gems 10mL

Secure your gems in place with Canvas' Gel for Gems! There's 2 ways to use it. With the tip (gently squeezing the bottle in between and around gems), or with the brush, same technique. See additional photos! A must have for securing your little masterpieces!   Size: 10mL e 35fl oz
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Carseat Key

A simple, yet effective solution to a common problem. It easily slides over the red button on a Child's car seat. Then using leverage, slight pressure, and a bit of magic (included with The Car Seat Key) it releases the harness. It's consumer-proven to make it easier for people with arthritis, carpal tunnel, nails, etc. What makes this product so special? For starters... it's the first product like it on the market. It also solves a HUGE problem around the world that millions of people have had to struggle with for years. No worries, the struggle is now over. No more aching hands or broken nails.

Caviar Bead Wheel

All one size beads, comes in a wheel.
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Chanel Nail Decals

In rose gold colour.
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