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1 Set of Clear Stilletto XXL tips

1 set of stilletto tips – 12 pcs. 12 sizes total
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1 Set of XXL Stilletto nails

1 set of XL tips 12 PCS – 12 different sizes
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Betty the practice hand

Have no fear, Betty is here! Betty will not complain and you can knick her by accident all you want
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Box of Square Tips – Natural – DND

Sizes 0-10 in natural square tips. You may choose from: 1 box of tips sizes 0-10 (50pcs per colour) Or

Clear stilletto tips – Medium Length

Please choose box or bag Box 500 pcs Bag 600 pcs

Clear Tips Box 500pcs (Large)

Clear stilletto tips,  You can quickly shape coffin by cutting the top and filing. a box of 500pcs.
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Empty Box for Nail Tips

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French Nail Tips Set

Includes: #0-10 550pcs of White French Tips for doing French nails!  Comes in 11 bags.
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Long Almond Tips – Narrow Size – Clear

Bags have 600 pcs, packed in bags. Extra #4 and #5 Box will have 500pcs  #1-10

Nail Tips – Long Almond – Natural Colour Bag

Comes in a bag, 600 peices. Vanilla Colour. They apply very well.
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Nail Forms 500pcs

Create fun glassnails, sculpted nails, and easily repairs gel or acrylic nails with these forms. Good quality and easy application.
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