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Artistic Nail Brush

$8.00 $6.00
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Poly Gel Slicer

$5.00 $3.25
Slice & Roll! For using with Poly gel formulated product.
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Dotting Tools

$6.00 $4.00
A cute & stylish dotting tool set to make your job more enjoyable. Includes 5 pcs, and 10 dotting sizes.
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Nail Pallette

$1.50 $0.75
Durable swatch wheels for 20 designs.colours per wheel. Comes in clear or vanilla in a set of 2.

Canvas Bling Gel – 1019 Anything But Basic

$13.00 $10.00
An intense gel sparkle, in a bottle. | Colour Name : Anything But Basic | Size: 15mL | Product of
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Fine Tweezers

$6.00 $4.75
Pick up tiny objects, or do delicate work with these super fine tweezers. Warning: Sharp
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Nail Forms 500pcs

$8.99 $5.00
Create fun glassnails, sculpted nails, and easily repairs gel or acrylic nails with these forms. Good quality and easy application.
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2 pcs Colour Chart

$4.50 $2.00
2 Pieces totalling 120 spots for your polish collection.
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2 pcs Colour Chart – Removable

$6.00 $2.50
Never have a broken colour chart again, if it breaks, simply remove the colour. Comes with 2 pieces. Total 48
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Silver Mandrel For Sanding Bits

Nail Drill Mandrel for you sanding bits. Standard size, fits most drills. 2.99 per peice, or 4 for $10!   Standard sizeĀ 3/32"

Sanding Bands

Sanding bands, various coarseness. 100+ pcs per bag. Please specify you coarseness according to photo. #80 Coarse #120 Medium #180 Fine

Modern French-ing brush

$8.00 $4.00
Use this new style brush to "paint" on your french for a more curvy, beautiful smile line. Great when doing 2-tone work.
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